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Changan Automobile Appears at the 2017 Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition

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The 15th Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition opened with solemnity on November 17th. Changan Automobile presented more than 10 models including Raeton CC, the second generation Eado, CS95, CS55, and CS15 EV in the 3.1 Pavilion. The 23 vehicle lineup on display includes sedans, SUVs, MPVs, and new energy. These vehicles, along with Changan’s interactive activities (Car Cotton Candy, a musical performance, and DIY Badge) have become the highlight of the Guangzhou Automobile Exhibition.

In April of this year, Changan proposed a design philosophy of “life and dynamic” which indicates that future products will be changed from traditional “functions satisfaction” to “emotion sculpture” to make the car more like a partner rather than a cold machine.

Raeton CC, the first model of the new design concept, succeeded in realizing such a transformation.
In accordance with the design philosophy of “life and dynamic,,, Raeton CC applies powerful curves to form an unpredictable and expansive situation. Moreover, it gives play to the contrast between compact and slow elements, thus forming a rhythmic pattern, presenting a lively visual experience.
At its first media appearance, Raeton CC was hailed as “The Best Car under Night Sky,” “Breathing Car,” and “New Height of Intelligence.” By virtue of the “five improvements,” it also brings a “warmer” product experience and creates a “new standard of China B-class automobile.

The second generation Changan Eado compact family car is another example of the innovation of the “life and dynamic” philosophy.
Eado is youthful and compact with more impact force. It is the very competitive “next-generation national sedan car.

Gong Bing, Changan vice president, shared Changan’s 2017 R&D and sales achievements at the press conference. The Changan brand maintained strong sales momentum from January to October to reach 1.357 million vehicles. Changan has sold one million cars for three successive years, raising the bar for Chinese brand development.

Changan announced three major tasks this year: The third entrepreneurship was initiated, the Shangri-la plan was embarked upon, and the “customer focus and product service principle” series transformation was begun.
What has been accomplished with regard to transformation in the third entrepreneurship? The answer covers four aspects: transforming from (1) being a product-oriented operation to a brand-oriented operation, (2) product focus to customer focus, (3) traditional products to intelligent and new energy products, and (4) product supply to supplying products, services, and travel solutions.
In developing future vehicles, Changan will start with the consumer. The company will strengthen R&D efforts in energy and vehicle intelligence. Next year, Eado, Eado XT, and other new products will be marketed or released. Changan is implementing higher standards to satisfy rigorous and diverse customer requirements.

In addition to having great vehicles, Changan’s rapid growth is closely related to consumer recognition. Over its history, Changan has had 15 million customers, boosting broad and eminent public praise for the brand’s quality.