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Changan CX70 Wins the BEST VALUE AUTO AWARD in Chile

From:Changan Auto Updated:2018-01-15 【Size:A A A

Drumroll, please.  Changan CX70 was presented with the Best Value Auto Award (Mejor Auto de Valor) at the recent Annual Automotive Press Gala organized by MT Automobile Magazine in Chile. Nearly 50 automotive media organizations and institutions attended the event and selected CX70 for the award. This 7-seat SUV has found market popularity via its stunning design, versatility, and cost-effective functionality. The achievement of this honor confirms that CX70 delivers on its brand message to the world: Changan is dedicated to providing better vehicles for better life.

2017 was a great year for Changan in Chile. In the “Ends of the Earth” campaign, Changan demonstrated its excellence through creativity and innovation. And while Changan has been "Driving Forward with You," CX70 has been winning over consumers with its design aesthetics, versatility, and powerful performance. It is no wonder the vehicle’s great reputation was established after only a few short months on the road.

With ambitious goals and an appetite for innovation, Changan is charging into 2018 - its tenth year in the Chilean market. Sales, brand awareness, and brand preferences have expanded over the years. Even though many milestones have already been achieved along Changan’s long and illustrious path, the company still believes that its greatest work is yet to come.